Kamala was a very active kid growing up in the desert.  She raised livestock, was a member of Future Farmers of America, and you’d often find her outside. Years later, all of these activities took a toll on her body and she began to experience debilitating back pain. After visiting several doctors, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and herniated disks in her lumbar.

Unwilling to give up the outdoor activities she loved, she searched for alternative treatments that could strengthen her core and help her avoid back surgery. She found an article mentioning Pilates and decided to give it a try. The principles seemed perfect for her physical issues, but she was also attracted to the mental and emotional benefits.

She started by following along with videotaped classes and then took a few Pilates classes through her local community college and fell in love with it. From there she continued to achieve higher levels of proficiency and it became clear that this is what she was meant to do.

Knowing how it changed her life and wanting to share these techniques to help others, Kamala started teaching Pilates in 2003. Through continued training and better understanding of her clients’ she saw the need for an even more individualized approach. It was with this idea that she opened Kamala Rose Pilates in 2011. Now for almost 17 years, she has seen the restorative impact that Pilates training has had on her client’s lives and she takes great pride in watching them progress and thrive.

She loves sharing her experience to nourish people both physically and emotionally.  When she’s not teaching Pilates, you can find her at a Kings hockey game, watching live music, hiking, or walking with her dog Cammalleri.

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